Pulled pork is one of the most tasty meats, and for many people it’s one of the most difficult to make in their own kitchens. The issue with pulled pork is that there just isn’t much of a slow cooker available on the market. Many recipes call for large cuts of pork to be smoked over a smoke point, but if you don’t have a smoker, you’re stuck either cooking the meat in a pan, or in a slow cooker. Because pulled pork is so tasty, and relatively easy to make, most people avoid slow cooking it and opt instead for what meat to use for pulled pork barbecue dish in their own kitchens.

There are two things you can do, when deciding what meat to use for pulled pork rub. The first is to go to your local grocery store and pick up some chunks of fatback or pork shoulder. Either of these cuts should work perfectly for what you’re going to do with it. If you’re going to cook it in a crock pot, give it about a half an hour to heat up. If you’re going to use a stovetop smoker, give it about three hours.

At this point, it’s necessary to make a decision as to whether you want to make it the night before, or the day of. Most people who make pulled pork in a crock pot or on the grill opt for the second option. The reason they do this is because when slow cooked, pulled pork cooks very slowly, almost like a ham. It can take several hours to get the meat fully done, but this is very worth it. On the other hand, if you decide to go ahead and slow cook the meat in a slow cooker, you’ll end up with pulled pork that is very tender and moist.

What meat to use for pulled pork is completely a personal decision. If you’ve never made this sort of dish before, you may want to start with a piece of lean pork. Make sure that you don’t overcook it or else you will have a tough, dry piece of meat. Some people like to use ham for pulled pork. Keep in mind that ham tends to be very tough and since it comes in small pieces, it can be difficult to carve.

Once you have chosen your meat, you need to brown it. Some people like to use a variety of spices to make their meat more interesting. If you have a smoker, this is easy. Just add the meat, cover it, and allow it to smoke for a few hours. In your crock pot, just add it and continue cooking as you normally would.

While slow cooking is the best way to make pulled pork, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it hot. In fact, this is actually a great time to cook it. You can marinade your pork if you prefer, and then let it come to room temperature. After about two hours of cooking, it is ready to be served. If you plan on freezing the pulled pork, remember to let it sit out at least one day prior to placing it in the freezer.

What meat to use for pulled pork depends greatly on what type of taste you are going for. If you are a barbecue lover, you might want to try a hickory BBQ flavored pulled pork. This would be perfect on top of some thin slices of crisp, white bread. If you have a sweet tooth, you might want to try a pork dish that includes apple sauce and brown sugar.

Whatever you decide to make for your next tailgate party, make sure that you take the time to prepare properly. Most of the time people forget to cut their nails properly and end up with soggy knuckles from holding on to the bone. It’s much better to invest in a quality pair of boots today than it is to ruin what you already have as well as have a soggy bottom to show for it. Always remember that what meat to use for pulled pork depends greatly on the method of cooking, but most people find that making barbecue is much easier than the old-fashioned way.