Simulation games have been popular for decades, and the reason for that is due to the sheer variety and opportunities available in simulators. Various simulation games dive into various branches into restaurants, businesses, real-life, cooking mania and various other sub-genres. This diversity is what makes it unique and popular among the masses.

Let’s have a look at some popular options that are available today:

1) Egg Inc: 4.6 Stars

Egg Inc is a unique game with a quirky concept of the egg being the source of fortune. The whole game revolves around running a successful business with research and infrastructure. The peculiarity gets dialled up to the max when launching a space expedition into your egg farm.

As one of the most addictive games out there, Egg Inc. has a simple concept but challenging gameplay.

2) Cafeland – World Kitchen: 4.5 Stars

Customization and personalization are both essential aspects of a simulation game. Cafeland is a management sim that lets you manage your own cafe business in the best possible way. Make your very own coffee shop and go from a simple establishment to one of the biggest cafes in the virtual world.

3) Star Chef 2: 4.3 Stars

After the success of its first game, the developer’s Star Chef LLC has come back with a host of improvements in the new Star Chef 2. Variety of dishes to cook up and serve many customers, Star Chef 2 helps you create and run your business in your way. Design it the way you want and run it according to you. This cooking madness is a rewarding experience that only a few other games could endeavor.

4) SimCity BuildIt: 4.3 Stars

The poster boy of simulation games, the Sims franchise has been one of the most popular and well-known game franchises for generations now. Be it on a console, pc, or smartphone, Sims has made its mark on all platforms.

SimCity Buildit is the platform variant of the popular SimCity games. The whole SimCity experience is integrated into the smartphone with perfect integration with the new technology. SimCity BuildIt gives you a map to build and manage a city in any shape or form that you desire.

Some games let you control a farm or a shop, SimCity allows you to run an entire city and everything in it.

5) HayDay: 4.3 Stars

A game that is almost a decade old, the sheer longevity of HayDay shows how popular and how good a game it has been. HayDay mixes farming with a good soundtrack, an interesting set of characters and has shades of other genres like a cooking adventure, making it a fun experience all over. Hardly any game experiences long-term success like HayDay, only a few special ones do, and HayDay sure is a timeless and unique experience indeed.

The mobile platform is a haven for simulation games, and the popularity of such games seems to be evergreen. Simulation games allow freedom coupled with a lot of joy, and thus, this genre with its various sub-genres will always have its place in the market.