Cheeseburgers are easily one of the easiest and best menu items. They can easily be personalised by adding condiments and extra ingredients, depending on what you like.

When it comes to cheeseburgers, the key to the best cheeseburger is high-quality cheese. When it comes to finding the best burger cheese, your restaurant needs classic American cheese or a natural cheddar to make the best cheeseburger on the market. While these options are both amazing, they both pair well with different ingredients.

Each customer often has their preference of cheese that will change slightly depending on their taste; however, if you just have three or so different types of cheese, you can cover all your bases.

In the quest to help you find out which cheeses are the best choice for a burger, considering the impact of flavour and meltability, we have listed some of the most preferred burger cheeses available in Australia:

Natural Cheddar

Among the best cheeseburgers available in Australia are those made with natural cheddar cheese. Slices of these cheeses are cut from natural blocks of cheddar and have a mild cheddar taste. The colour is distinctively different from other burger cheeses, bringing a lighter colour to the mix.  It is ideal for adding a delicious flavour to any hand-crafted sandwich or burger. Natural cheddar cheese slices on burgers are often preferred over other cheeses within Australia.

Hi Melt Burger Cheese

Many people believe that a good burger needs the best American cheese. Pure Dairy’s Hi Melt burger cheese is the best American burger cheese available in Australia. It is the top-selling cheese for burgers in Australia and the favourite of burger specialists nationwide. Likely, you have already eaten a burger with Hi Melt burger cheese, even if you didn’t know. Hi Melt burger cheese has a high cheese content, creamy flavour and smooth texture and are perfect for helping you create the best cheeseburgers in Australia! It has been crafted by expert cheesemongers who love American cheese and great burgers.

Thins Burger Slices

There might be a time when as a restaurant owner, you want to buy high-quality raw materials such as cheese slices, but due to the size and price of their venue’s operations, it is not feasible to do so. Now, that will no longer be a problem. Thin burger cheese slices are here for you. They have the same high quality, creamy flavour and melty texture as our other burger cheese slices, but in an economically sized portion that will meet your needs for cost management.

Are you now wondering where you can purchase all of these amazing burger cheese slices? Well, look no further than Pure Dairy. Pure Dairy manufactures a vast range of amazing dairy products, including much-loved burger cheese slices. They have an extensive range of burger cheese slices, so there is an option for every restaurant. Get in contact with them today to find a supplier for your restaurant.