Cheese curdsare the bite-sized pieces of curdled milk made duringthe cheddar making process. Theyare an unaged curd of cheddar cheese, also called baby or young cheddar. Cheese curds have a mild, milky flavour with a rubbery texture.

One of the best features of cheese curds is their squeak. Curdsare basically a mesh structure formed by the cheese proteins; the mesh is held together by the calcium, making it tough. When we bite through the curds, the mesh resists you, and you hear the squeaking sound because it is rubbing across your teeth.

However, the squeak only remains in cheese curds for 24 hours from the time it is manufacturedmakingthe import and export of cheese curds difficult.Not just the squeak, but cheese curds also lose their flavour and texture if not consumed fresh.

Even if the cheese curds were manufactured in Australia, manufacturers cannot obtain the same authentic taste, texture, and squeak as fresh cheese curds due to the limited time frame for packaging and shipping.

If you happen to be near adairythat creates cheese curds,you can have them on the same day. The challenge occurs in commercial kitchens– they cannot buy fresh cheese curds every time a customer orders a cheese curds dish.It would be logistically impossible.

While there are several sellers who promise to offer the best cheese curds, they often fail to do so. Low-quality cheese curds may contain nasty preservatives and additives.

Thankfully,many Australian restaurant owners have now found their favourite, fresh cheese curds, from Pure Dairy. Pure Dairy cheese curds are sourced from Wisconsin – the global hub for cheese curds. The best part is thatPure Dairy cheese curds hold their squeak even after 24 hours from manufacturing.

How do they keep their cheese curds fresh? Is a preservative doing the job? This might be your only question.

Well, Pure Dairy uses a special packaging technique called IQF. In this technique, the freezing time is reduced, and each curd is individually frozen, so the final product is not frozen into a solid block. Also, this technique does not allow large ice crystals to form in the cheese curds. This keeps them fresher for longer.

Apart from the squeak and freshness, Pure Dairy cheese curds became restaurant favouritesbecause of their shelf life. This allows restaurantsto easily buy cheese curds in bulk and use them for up to 7 months. We all know that bulk buying is the best way to save money and time in a restaurant without compromising on quality.

So, purchasing Pure Dairy cheese curds for your restaurant is a win-win situation for the owners and customers alike. They can serve the best-quality cheese curds to customers and earn both loyal customers and profit.

If you are also a restaurant or culinary establishment struggling to find the best cheese curds, contact Pure Dairy, and they will get back to you with the details of the supplier who will deliver you fresh cheese curds at your place.