The Maca plant (also called Peruvian ginseng) is grown in the Andes and is one of the cruciferous plants. Accordingly, it belongs to the family of broccoli, Chinese cabbage, kale, and cauliflower. Judging by its appearance and size, it resembles radishes, parsnips, or root vegetables. The underground maca root can take on four colors: black, white, golden yellow, and red.

  1. Maca Is Full Of Power!

The Peruvian root has numerous minerals, trace elements, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and all eight essential amino acids. The glucosinolates they contain can be converted into isothiocyanates, which are known to be cancer-inhibiting substances. Maca is also rich in antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals and prevent neurological damage. Antioxidants can also prevent heart disease and cancer.

  1. Maca Increases The Sex Drive

It is no longer a secret that the maca plant has a positive effect on libido. A study from 2002 found that men who consumed 1.5-3 grams of Maca per day experienced greater sexual pleasure than those who only took a placebo. In a more recent study from 2015, it was also found that taking Maca could reduce sexual dysfunction in women and can be seen online,, shops etc. These were postmenopausal women taking antidepressants.

3: Erectile Dysfunction

Maca is the aphrodisiac par excellence among superfoods. A 2009 study showed that 50 men who had problems with their potency became sexually more productive by consuming 2.4 grams of maca extract daily for three months.

4: Maca Increases Male Fertility

A study showed that in 20 men between 24 and 40 years of age, the quality of the sperm could significantly improve, and thus fertility also increased. The period extended over three months, and 1.4 grams of Maca were consumed daily. In another survey, in which nine men took part, it was also clear that maca tablets increased the number of sperm cells and increased their mobility. Check out Five Ele’s article on how Maca supplements improves male vitality.

5: Maca Increases The Memory Function

The Maca root has a positive influence on the brain and can contribute to better memory function. The Peruvians already applied this knowledge by giving their children Maca to increase their concentration and achieve success in school.

6: Maca Brings Your Hormonal Balance Into Balance

Maca is an excellent adaptogen, so you can manage stress much better if you take it regularly. The roots can also help to balance the hormonal balance.

Especially for women in early menopause, the Maca tuber is a real miracle weapon! A 2006 study found that taking Maca every day could balance hormone levels. This significantly reduced symptoms during menopause, such as difficulty falling asleep, increased sweating, and hot flashes.

7: Maca – your natural energy booster

Maca has meanwhile also established itself in the sports scene. More and more bodybuilders and athletes rely on the superfood because it is supposed to increase performance and endurance. This is certainly also thanks to the numerous antioxidants that are in the spicy roots.