Papa Earth meat delivery has just arrived at your doorstep and you are more than elated to get a hold of your package. But what is it that you’re going to do now with the packaged meat worth a few weeks? If you are not used to shopping for frozen meat, the following steps can intimidate you. But do not get worried as we are listing down elaborately the next steps you need to take after your meat has arrived.


The best practice is to store the meat in the freezer as soon as you receive the package. The ideal way to store flat meat is to place it in the bottom. This includes meat like bacon. Abnormally shaped pieces of meat like that of chicken wings must be placed at the top to prevent them from toppling down. The temperature of the freezer must be maintained at -18 degrees or lower. 

The meat comes in a flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed pack. The flash freezing procedure includes the freshly cut meat to be frozen instantly so that the texture and the flavour are restored just as it is. When the meat is kept in the traditional freezer instead of a flash freezer, it takes time to chill. In that time ice crystals start forming between the muscle fibres of the meat, resulting in loss of texture. This freezing technique is very harmful as it might lead to freezer burn with overexposure to oxygen. This does not happen with flash freeze and the meat can be stored for up to a year without loss of flavour.

If the meat is for immediate consumption, it must be stored at least at 4 degrees or below. If not kept in cold, the bacteria might quickly multiply on the meat, making it unacceptable for consumption.


Not all, but some of the packaged meat products need to be thawed before you cook. Without thawing there might be a temperature imbalance leading the meat to compromise its texture. Thawing will lead you to safely cook the meat with the internal temperature reaching to a safe spot. This will also help to kill any bacteria that is present in the meat and prevents the chances of food poisoning. Thawing and defrosting will also prevent the occurrence of food-borne illnesses.

If in case you forgot to thaw it, you can cook it the same day by thawing it in the sink under cold running water to have it in the consumable stage.