So, fried and healthy? The tough combination isn’t it? We all want healthy and nutritious yet delicious recipes. Is it possible to get everything in one? Absolutely yes! With the help of this post, we will guide you today on how to make super delicious hot and steamy veg fried rice. Not only this, the low-fat dishes rice can help you in maintaining your weight loss.

This version of the egg fried rice will taste very similar to your Chinese fried rice is prepared in the same mentioned way. The fried rice served in restaurants is super high in fat and with high sodium.  Hence, the content present in that fried rice is not good to maintain your weight loss diet. You can get a wide range of veg low-fat diet recipes at

Main Ingredients Substitute For Healthy Fried Rice

1. Cold Or Leftover Rice

The most important element in your fried rice is rice. To get that perfect texture of fried rice in which all the rice is no sticky you have to use cold rice. As the texture of cold rice is a little more firm as compared to hot rice. 

2. Eggs

Including eggs will elevate the protein level in your fried rice. You can use egg yolk too. And no doubt, these eggs will enhance the taste of your fried rice as well.

3. Vegetable

Here’s the interesting part. Including the right vegetables will make your fried rice super healthy too.  This will make your fried rice super healthy too. You can add vegetables like capsicum, beans, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, and celery. You can also add some spring onions and sesame seeds t add some extra crispiness to your fried rice.

4. Oil

The best oil alternative or substitute that you can use for egg or vegetable fried rice is sesame oil. If that is not available for you then you can go for olive as well.  These oils will also help you to reduce the heart risks for your health.

5. Soy Sauce

You can go for low sodium soy sauce for the best results and enhanced taste. The low sodium will eventually make your fried rice super low in fat.


So, here are the best ways and ingredients substitute that you can use to make low fat and rich in protein fried rice. Ensure to put super less oil for better weight loss maintenance die. You can enjoy this fried rice with your favorite homemade tomato ketchup which should be also fat-free to maintain your balance and fat-free diet.