We will share with you useful culinary information. Everything seems to be simple, but search engines are full of requests on the topic: how to whip cream correctly. And why? because there are some important nuances in this matter.

To understand how to whip cream correctly, it is important to remember a few simple rules:

Only very heavy cream is suitable for whipping, at least 33%. Do not try to whip cream 10% or 20% do not translate goo.Many tried it in my childhood, it turned out butter.

For the cream to whip well, you need the cream itself, the dishes in which you will whip it, and the whisk for the mixer is cooled. We do this, the cream is in the refrigerator, and I put the beaters and whipping containers in the freezer for 1 hour (it can be less; the main thing is to keep them there for at least 20 minutes). In general, you can stop at these two points, because they explain how to whip the cream correctly. But read on, further is useful too. You can choose the cream chargers also. The cream chargers are able to be purchased online from sites such as Cream Charger Warehouse also.

The Right Choices

For the cream to whip well, you need to whip it, gradually increasing the speed of the mixer from the lowest to the highest. One minute at the minimum speed, one minute at the second, etc. Beating should be finished in the same way from maximum speed to minimum.

In the final (and only in the final), Do not forget to sweeten the cream by adding 2 tbsp. powdered sugar. Why is it better to add powder to whipped cream? Because sugar runs the risk of not dissolving in store cream, and the powder will in any case well interfere with the total mass. By the way, if you don’t eat sugar, you can make partially dietary whipped cream (if you can call it such when using a 35% fat product). You can crush sweetener tablets (5 pcs per 500 ml cream) and you have a great substitute for powdered sugar.

  • Whipped cream can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 36 hours without any concerns. It is best to put the cream in a container with a tight lid, because they absorb foreign odors well.
  • Cream can be used to make not only desserts or pastries.
  • Although, of course, a cake with whipped cream is an easier option for those who follow their figure.

Making whipped cream at home – basic technological principles

Modern industry produces a diverse range of cream:

  • Condensed cream with or without sugar
  • Condensed cream with coffee or cocoa

Powdered cream

Cream, drinking with a fat content of 8-20%, medium fat content up to 30%, fatty and 30-65%.

In addition to butter, cheeses are made from cream, and they can also be used to prepare all kinds of vegetable, meat, fish and mushroom dishes: tender creamy soups, casseroles, mashed potatoes.Cooking is the same science as all areas of knowledge, where much has already been discovered, but more remains to be discovered.