Festival season is going on and it keeps continued throughout the year. In this era, the most important struggle that one needs to go through is the decoration and greeting of all the attendees and invitees. Cake, which comes as a lifesaver, then becomes the prime need of the hour. But it is important to get a cake that will be loved by everyone and enhance the enjoyment of the occasion perfectly. In that case, having a salmon cake can be a great option for you. Especially if you are looking for a perfect cake in Thailand, then the best way to make the festival happening both for yourself and the attendees, this cake can be a perfect match for you. Let’s talk a bit about what it is all about and what salmon cake price (เค้ก แซลมอน ราคา, which is a term in Thai) can be asked by the restaurants to you in Thailand. 

What is Salmon cake made of? 

This special kind of cake comes with Norwegian salmon. All sides of the cake are covered and decorated finely with fresh salmon. It also comes with the topping of rose along with stuffed seaweed salad of fresh salmon eggs, sweet eggs, and a stick of crabs. The entire combination makes Salmon cakes a non-missable dish to try in festivals. It is because of this luxurious combination of ingredients, the cake is found in any royal parties or parties of high budget throughout Thailand. 

What all one can have with Salmon cakes in Thailand? 

If you want to get a fresh Salmon cake while being in Thailand then you need to place the order at least 2 days before the festival or occasion. This is because due to a large number of orders during festive seasons, your order can have some delays, and to get it on time, placing the order before can put you on the safe side. 

The cake can be customized based on your requirements. It can be made especially for different occasions and give you a distinct taste. You can also get a free birthday card if ordered for a birthday. A special comment box also comes with the birthday card so that you can send any message to the recipient. All these come in absolutely budget-friendly prices that are only ฿590. Wipe out all the tensions in respect of greeting the attendees as this will be perfectly obtained by this amazing squeezed salmon sauce.