Breville is a reliable name for everyone and everyone’s choice when it comes to any essential tools in our kitchen. And the coffee machines they make have become very popular. And their revealing Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus are two of the best coffee machines and these coffee machines make your coffee experience easier and more comfortable. It also helps you make your favorite coffee hassle-free.

Most of the features of Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus are almost identical. Even after being similar, some differences can be noticed between them. So if you are doubtful about choosing the best one from these two coffee machines then don’t worry because here we compare breville bambino and bambino plus also we will give detailed information about these two coffee machines to help you choose the best one for you.

Difference Between Breville Bambino And Bambino Plus

The Bambino Plus line from Breville has quickly become a favorite among coffee enthusiasts who want a strong espresso machine with a tiny footprint. Following its achievement, the company produces Bambino, the more modern and affordable. So to help you, we will discuss in-depth the similarities and differences of Bravili Bambino and Bambino Plus below.

Design and features

There was not much difference between Bambino and Bambino Plus. But if you notice well, a significant difference can be noticed between the two coffee machines.

Slightly thinner in dimensions than Bambino Plus. Its design is relatively simple, and it has only a few buttons. Bambino comes with brushed stainless steel compared to plums that come in a variety of colors.

Bambino Plus comes in different colors

Cleaned Stainless Steel, Black Truffle, Sea Salt, Smoked Hickory, Royal Champagne,  Oyster Shell, also Damson Blue

The capacity of the water tank is about half a liter larger than the 1.9 liters Bambino Plus from Bambino. As a result, frequent refills are not required later.

Moreover, one of the great features of Bambino that is not in Bambino Plus is its drip tray.

Brew quality

From both Bambino and Bambino Plus coffee machines you will get the expected brewer. The wrenching process used by both machines is really easy due to the features like low-pressure pre-charge and digital heat control used by them. And fast lifting in Breville’s thermo jet heating method features. This system overcomes the need for extensive preheating of other espresso machines so that the extraction needs only a few seconds!

Moreover, these two machines provide 54 mm portafilters. These can include ground coffee measuring 19-22 grams. And both of these coffee machines can produce individual or dual shots of espresso. The shot time can be constrained by both the single and dual cup keys simultaneously before starting the removal method.

Steam performance

The Breville Bambino machine comes with a hot water outlet, and the Bambino Plus has an automatic microphone milk texture.

Both of these machines have Breville thermo jet heating system. Espresso starts heating Bambino and Bambino Plus in three seconds through Breville ThermoJet heating system. This means you can prepare your coffee whenever you want so you don’t have to preheat the machine or wait for the machine to set up. Moreover, both machines work quickly from mixing espresso to steam.

The difference between the two coffee machines is that their milk frothing functions. With this high quality bambino, you have to brew the milk manually with the aid of single-hole cloud timber. Reaching the perfect microphone for your milk using the Bambino Coffee Machine is still achievable but needs a higher training curve to finish this.

On the other hand, Bambino Plus boasts three levels of electronic warmth and surface control. This indicates that even if you’ve never textured milk already, you’ll still be ready to drink with a Barista-grade milk receiver with Bambino Plus. The Bambino Plus  also produces four slots that deliver it a more reliable choice even if you prefer to heat your own milk.

The Breville Bambino also produces a feature that Bambino Plus does not have, that is its hot water outlet.

Additional Feature 

Bambino Plus offers an additional feature which is its auto-purge function. With this feature it can automatically reset the temperature levels immediately after each lifting cycle which is great for making espresso.

Plus each Bambino Plus comes with a stainless steel milk pot!

And Bambino Plus offers a long two year warranty, while Bambino only comes with a one year warranty. All things considered, both machines must be well-designed and well-suited for long-term use.

Final Verdict  

Breville bambino and bambino plus These two machines are the best. And there’s no arguing which machine can make better espresso. Both are capable of giving great quality espresso gifts. So you can definitely choose anyone according to your needs.