The starchy and also sticky curry of scissors cut curry rice Singapore stall is so outstanding that many people arrive from all corners of Singapore to enjoy this unique as well as unique flavour. Not Indian, not Japanese and not the typical Chinese selection. The curry is spicy-sweet and also really enjoyable. I can have stacks of rice simply with the curry and also I am not joking, yet I practice restraint. When age grows, I can not eat like a teenager!

Scissors Cut

Well, it’s not hard to presume just how the name of this stall originated from once you walk right into the properties. Possibilities are you will certainly probably be welcomed by the consistent “trim snip snip” noise.

It’s really the staff operating the store at work with just the tongs and a set of full-metal scissors snipping the customers’ dishes away into bite-sized portions onto the aromatic rice. In fact, this special means of prepping the food is not generally discovered somewhere else thus it kind of ended up being the stall’s signature also.

Curry rice in general

Curry Rice, or else more commonly referred to as “Cai Fan” (essentially converted to Vegetable Rice in Chinese) is a helping that I constantly consider as one that is special to Singapore. Be it in the normal kopitiams, hawker centres or the cool food courts you could quickly spot a minimum of one “Cai Fan” stall within the properties.

The reason why “Cai Fan” is such a preferred option amongst foodies is the truth that when contrasted to other types of food, dollar-to-dollar, one gets even more varieties of dishes on home plate, paired with rice. Thus, “Cai Fan” is additionally commonly called “Economy Rice” for the exact same reason.

What makes the curry unique?

If thick, starched curry gravy and cooked sauce match your hunger, I make certain you would not want to give Scissor Cut Curry Rice a miss. The dishes across the food selection are fairly great with in my point of view, with some considered much more outstanding than others, such as the pork slice, cabbage as well as braised pork belly. Price sensible it’s actually practical offered the top quality and taste that the store supplies. Consider this your next great supper place given that it shuts right in the late hours daily. Although Scissor Cut Curry Rice has actually been about in Singapore’s food scene for the previous few decades I can not help yet to assume that the requirements have dropped a fair bit over the years. The helpings itself are mostly either lukewarm and even chilly in some cases and also typically it’s the curry sauce that assists to hot points up a little. Nevertheless, if you come with the moment when the curry sauce isn’t adequately hot enough before it is being poured over the rice, you won’t have the ability to feel the full “shiokness” of Scissor Cut Curry Rice so do ask for extra warm curry sauce is readily available! Ready to queue for the meal?