Boba or Pearl Milk Tea or sometimes even called bubble tea is a drink from taiwan that is made from milk, sugar and tapioca balls. The tapioca balls are the star of the show and what makes boba drinks so special. 

Boba or pearls are little spheres about the size of a small candy and are made from the cassava root. The root is cooked in sugar water until it is chewy, squishy and oh so tasty. 

Boba Origins

Originally this drink was only known in Taiwan and then the surrounding countries in asia. But over the last 10 years or so, the drink has exploded in popularity and now there are boba shops in almost every city in america. 

Price of Boba

One drink, typically costing $5 or more is a fun and special treat that the whole family can enjoy. The issue with boba shops is that they can be rather pricey. Boba isn’t hard to make, but yet, many shops still charge a premium for this drink. 

Where to Buy Boba or Bubble Tea?

While yes, there are many up and coming boba shops that will sell you the ice cold sugary drink, but there is always going to be a difference in quality between those shops. Some of the more premium boba shops, like Boba Guys, charge over $6 for the drink. 

It is a great drink, but as you can imagine, it is pretty pricey. The ingredients are simple, yet the price is high. Why is that?

Can You Make Boba At Home?

Yes, you can make boba at home. Some places such as Costco even sell their own DIY boba kits at home. Costco currently sells a 12 pack of Instant Boba for $10. This means that each drink costs less than $1 and you don’t even have to leave your home to make it and enjoy it. 

They are super easy to make, as you simply have to microwave the boba sugar and boba balls and combine them with a glass of milk. 

For less than $1 each, you can make 6 at home boba drinks for the same price as one drink from the boba shop. That sounds like a pretty darn good deal. 

Why do I still buy from boba shops instead of Costco or other retailers? 

I do love the convenience of having an at home instant boba drink, but nothing beats that feeling of purchasing a boba and customizing it to your liking. With the Costco boba drink, there is only one flavor and it’s hard to control the amount of sugar. 

I like my drinks with half the amount of sugar and at Boba guys or other tapioca shops, you can specifically request exactly how much sugar you want and the drink would still taste great. 

You also have the ability to adjust flavors. The classic flavor is the brown sugar milk tea, but at boba shops you have the option for flavors such as Almond, Coffee, and Green Tea. 

Of course, its all up to you, I like to keep some instant boba at home for when I don’t feel like leaving the house, but otherwise, I still prefer my drinks from actual boba stores.