The WHMIS which stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System has been made mandatory by the government of Canada for the people who are responsible for working with dangerous chemicals and hazardous substances. This certificate is issued after you have completed your online WHMIS training program and taken the examination at the end. The WHMIS training or WHMIS certificate is provided through your employer or a training company. There are many searches related to the phrase “What is a WHMIS Certificate and How to Get One?” so we are here to help you with the same with this detailed guide on WHMIS certificates and how to get this.

What Exactly is a WHMIS Certificate?

Among the people who have been advised to or are planning to get a WHMIS certificate is what exactly a WHMIS certificate is. To clear the clouds, this is a document that is provided by a platform that is certified by a concerned authority, which indicates that the person taking the course has received some form of WHMIS instruction, training, or information. The goal of WHMIS training is certifying an individual that he or she is the holder is knowledgeable in the WHMIS topics presented.

How to get your WHMIS certificate?

Frankly speaking, there are many ways you can opt for a WHMIS training and certificate after the training. Fallowing is of the common methods you can take the course.

Group Learning

This is one of the most common methods of getting a WHMIS certificate which can be taken through the online classroom or traditional classroom programs. The reason most people are now opting for the online WHMIS training programs is the flexibility they offer to an individual. You can join the classroom from virtually anywhere. All you need is a laptop or mobile with a stable internet connection to join the class. There are many online sources that provide WHMIS training to help develop and train the individuals to deliver WHMIS training. The best part about group classes is that they ensure the engagement of the participants with group exercises and discussions with other employees. Online training ensures encouragement of information retention, but it also comes with a drawback that it often takes a long time to communicate information to a group.


Another mode that one can choose to get a WHMIS training program is the ‘self-taught’ way. Since there is less opportunity for real-time feedback through this mode, it becomes very important that you choose the right type of program that results in successful learning for the individual. A good part about this mode for WHMIS training is that you can enjoy learning at your own pace and need not compromise your schedule so you can join the classroom even during your lunch hours without any hassle.

So now that you know the WHMIS certificate and how to get one. Go ahead and pick the right type of program and get yourself on the top of the professional ladder.