Children do whatever the adults do. They follow the things which they have learned from their parents, including eating habits.

The young ones can face several problems when growing up because of uneven eating and drinking behaviours. It is vital to have a close view of the drinks offered to the kid along with foods for assuring that they do not get hold of obesity, flu, coughs, allergies, and overeating. The intake of Horlicks Healthy Drinks plays a major part in the well-being of little children.

Some healthy drinks for kids and their benefits:

  1. Juices

Many young children like to drink juices rather than water or milk. The sugariness which is present in fruits naturally is much more alluring than water or plain milk. As fruit juices are great substitutes for carbonated beverages and junk foods, you must make sure that the children just drink juice with zero preservatives. Flavouring and additives can bring more harm instead of good to the little ones’ bodies and might even stunt their development.

Rather than having juice, it is better to consume the fruit directly. Try to push your kids into the habit of eating fruits instead of having them in the form of juice.

  1. Water

Water is called the lifeblood of all living organisms. It is an integral part of human life as our body is 70 percent water; drinking it aids in the control of dehydration and overheating during the sizzling summers. The kids must drink at least 2 litres of water every day to maintain their body temperatures and sweat glands.

There are kids who do not like the taste of water. In such a situation, many parents sweeten the plain water with some pieces of berries or oranges. Drinking plenty of water a day helps fight acidity and remove harmful toxins/chemicals from the system.