Sometime when we are doing business and customers or potential clients come to visit, the atmosphere can be tense or even stressful. And that tense feeling is not because of a strained business relationship most of the time, it is down to the hard-working environments we work in. The trick to reducing stress within the workplace is to find ways to take advantage of relaxation tools available to us, and in many respects a BBQ is the perfect way to unwind at the same time as doing business.

We understand that business is business, and you do not have all day to stand around a BBQ. Therefore, we have put together a guide of 3 quick BBQ foods that allows you to cook quickly, have a chat while it cooks, and break the ice in the meantime. Once your food is down, you can head to the office for a more serious business talk or crack open a beer and have a relaxing chat!

Chicken Drumsticks

The art of a BBQ is often in the marinade, the quality of the meat, and the sauces you make available. You really cannot go far wrong with chicken drumsticks as far as having them on the food menu because almost every meat eater enjoys them. They are also fast to cook, so no problems there either. Just make sure you have a good collection of sauce, hot, mild, and others along with a few vegetables to go with them.

Rump Steak

Again, the quality of the steak is key here. Italian picanha (rump steak) is some of the best and quite exotic in some ways. It is also fast cooking, and you can give the options of rare, medium, or well cooked! This way you also bring the novelty touch of restaurant dining options to your BBQ. Add some red wine into the equation and you have the perfect combinations.

Butchers Cut Burger Meat

Rather than going to the supermarket and grabbing processed meat, head to a reputable butcher to get your burger meat. While you are there, youView Post can pick up your picanha rump steak if the butcher has it, and usually butchers are also the best place for high-quality chicken drumsticks. With butchers cut meat you also have a few options, and we would recommend making things interesting and taking two or three options!

And there you have it. 3 easy to cook meats that are quick to cook, add a little zing to your BBQ, and you also have a decent variety of tastes if you are willing to venture out and purchase different types of meat. Once your BBQ is done, maybe treat your colleagues to a BBQ in the evening to unwind from a hard day at work. For you, that’s two tasty BBQs in one day, plus your popularity rating at work will go up because let’s face it, there are very few people out there that do not appreciate a BBQ!