Article at a Glance:

  • Classic Aussie burgers are a popular burger choice in Australia.
  • The culinary landscape of burgers is no more limited to classic Aussie burgers, all thanks to the introduction of international flavours.
  • Explore some amazing burger creations that are a mix of classic Aussie burger format and international flavour twists.

Australian burgers have undergone some much-needed evolution over the years with the introduction of international twists. The fusion of different international flavours and culinary influences has catered for a new wave of amazing burger creations in the Australian food business. Thanks to the international influence in burger cooking, an average Australian can now delve into a range of mouth-watering burgers to tantalise their taste buds. This article will explore how Aussie classic burgers have been transformed by introducing international ingredients and flavours over the years.

Classic Burger Creations

Before diving into the range of burgers influenced by international ingredients and flavours, let’s first take time to appreciate the foundation of Australian burgers – the Aussie classics. Aussie classic collections, including beef burgers, cheeseburgers, and vegan burgers, still hold a special place in our hearts. These classic burgers are created with high-quality Australian products and with utmost care. You can find Aussie beef patties, cheese slices, and fresh lettuce and tomato in these classics.

One ingredient that is strongly recommended for Australian burgers is hi-melt cheese. Hi-melt cheese is a variation of American burger cheese designed to achieve a near-perfect melt when heated on a patty, providing an irresistible gooey texture to burgers. THINS burger slices is an economical version of hi-melt cheese that is gradually climbing the ranks in the Australian burger market, especially among eaters who have a limited budget but want to deliver high-quality products to customers in cheeseburgers.

International Twists

Mexican-inspired burgers

The Mexican-inspired burgers infuse the vibrant flavours of Mexican cuisine into the traditional Aussie burger format. A juicy patty is topped with zesty jalapenos, creamy guacamole, and refreshing salsa to make a perfect Mexican-inspired burger. The fusion of Mexican flavours in traditional burgers results in a tantalising combination, offering a spicy kick and burst of freshness in each bite.

Asian-inspired burgers

The Asian-inspired burgers take inspiration from some popular Asian flavours. If you have ever tried this burger, you can experience a mouth-watering hot blend of soy sauce, sesame oil, and ginger. The fusion of these Asian-origin ingredients adds a delightful touch of Asian flavours to the classic patty, which offers a unique and savoury experience in burger eating.

Mediterranean-inspired burgers

The Mediterranean-inspired burgers introduce some classic Mediterranean flavours to our classic burgers, like oregano, rosemary, lemon zest, and feta cheese. The addition of these ingredients to our classic burgers offers a delightful blend of savoury, salty, and refreshing tastes in burgers. This flavourful burst of different Mediterranean flavours is sure to tease your taste buds with distinct sun-kissed flavours of the Mediterranean region.


The introduction of international twists has given Australian burgers a new dimension in terms of flavour, texture, and experience. While Aussie classic burgers remain a popular choice among burger enthusiasts in Australia, the introduction of Mexican, Asian, and Mediterranean flavours has helped in expanding the culinary landscape of burgers in the Australian food market. These international flavours in the Aussie classic burger format offer a sweet variety of different tastes and preferences for consumers who love to explore cuisines and enjoy the diversity that these ingredients bring to Australia’s culinary practice. Enjoy your burgers’ delightful diversity of flavours and explore some amazing mouth-watering international tastes.