If you love baking, perhaps you have frequented your flour supplier in Singapore to buy more than one kind of flour. Certainly, you have a bakery mix, bread flour, cassava flour, and wholemeal flour in your pantry. But be extra careful when storing your flour!

Flour bugs, also known as flour weevils and flour beetles, are tiny bugs that feed on your flour and other dry food. Much worse, they lay eggs on the flour and food packaging. Generally, flour bugs are harmless. Baking your bread flour in Singapore can kill the bugs and their eggs. But of course, you don’t want tiny black blemishes on your white bread.

Here are some tips on how to protect your flour from flour bugs:

1. Clean your pantry regularly.

The best way to get rid of these pests is to regularly clean your pantry. Firstly, never leave your pantry door open, as it gives access not only to flour bugs, but also mice, cockroaches, and other critters.

Vacuum your pantry regularly. Flour bugs are incredibly tiny; you can’t see them unless you pay attention. Vacuuming can suck them out of the cracks and crevices of your pantry and food packages.

2. Use containers.

Instead of leaving them in their sack, bag, or box, transfer the wholemeal flour you bought in Singapore to a sealed plastic container or jar. That way, it is inaccessible to pests, including flour bugs, mice, and roaches.

You can also do it with other ingredients, including sugar, salt, and bread crumbs. Bugs will surely leave your baking ingredients alone.

3. Refrigerate.

Although you can store your flour in a place at room temperature, it is not terrible to store them in your refrigerators. Refrigerating them will keep them fresh, perfect for your wholemeal bread recipes.

You can transfer your flour to a jar or sealed container and put them inside your fridge. =No bugs can touch your flour.

4. Freeze your flour.

Once you get home from your flour supplier in Singapore,you can transfer your flour to air-tight sealable bags and freeze it overnight. The low temperature kills the flour bugs and their eggs. Hence, you can prevent them from breeding.

5. Call your pest control.

If the bugs are beyond your control, you can call your infestation service to kill all kinds of bugs in your panty. Once it is safe to enter, clean the pantry before storing all your goods.

Apply these tips and you will never be bugged by flour bugs.

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