Nothing compares to a delicious hot baked potato! The tastiest ones are cooked the traditional way, in the oven. However, you are bound to make many blunders if you are unsure how to bake right. The procedure for baking potatoes in the oven is straightforward, and all you need is the best variety of potatoes, a brown, and some butter.

Here’s how you bake crunchy potatoes on the outside and flawless within. 

  1. Choose the right potato

Use russet potatoes; they have drab brown skin and are large, tapering ones. These potatoes have a lot of starch and are best used in rapid drying. That level of heat is what your oven produces. It’s the perfect union!

The finest potatoes for wet heat-steaming and boiling-are those with a high moisture content, like Yukon golds or redskins. They are less thick after baking and have lower levels of starch, which are undesirable qualities in baked potatoes. 

  1. Poke to avoid explosions 

Do you desire your baked potato to blow up? Poke it with a fork severally to avoid explosions. Each potato should be poked about ten times; you’ll get better-roasted potatoes by doing this.

Have you ever wondered why Milwalky Trace potatoes are unique? Well, potatoes contain roughly 80% water; some water turns into steam throughout the baking process and escapes through the little holes drilled in them. This is a trick that most people fail to understand!

  1. Rub with oil and the salt

Before baking, rub some oil or grease on the potato. This way, the exterior will be beautiful and crispy, contrasting with the starchy, steaming core. Compared to unoiled potatoes, the potatoes emerge from the oven, appearing darker, shinier, and more appealing. Salt the potato uniformly, and remember to salt it again after it is on your plate. Besides, the salt on the skin won’t season the inside of the potato.

  1. Dont foil

Wrapping a potato in foil will prevent steam from escaping, resulting in sticky, gluey flesh. The skins on potatoes are an excellent wrapping already. You can also eat them! So don’t use foil when baking. The potatoes are less tasty as a result of the different processes. 

  1. Put in your oven 

Here is where the real deal takes place! Take caution about the temperatures; the ideal heat is 400°F. The time also matters a lot, but within 35 minutes, your dish should be ready, although size matters; more giant potatoes can take up to an hour. To know if it’s ready, you can detect using a timer, but sometimes the potato produces a hissing sound, and some wrinkles appear.

  1. Serve

Open up your hot potato and place it on a platter. Don’t chop the potato with a knife if you want a fluffy, craggy inside that will absorb toppings like butter, sour cream, or chile. With a fork, cut it open. You get greater surface area and brittle, flour-like meat as a result. 

Final thoughts 

Baked potatoes are delicious and very yummy! However, a small mistake in your recipe might frustrate you. Nevertheless, all you need is the right potato and the correct procedure, and enjoy a savoury meal!