Back in December 2019, the Corona virus emerged in Wuhan, China and spread worldwide within a few weeks.  Nowadays, we are living with it and experiencing several limitations including the lockdowns, quarantine and more. understands all these issues and it wants to solve the problems in economical way. The Deliveroo voucher code is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about ordering foods from the restaurants. As a matter of fact, dining at hotels, restaurants and other food places is not possible due to social distancing. Authorities are imposing strict laws and limitations to stop the spread of infection.

Change in Lifestyle:

The very first and prominent impact of covid-19 is change in lifestyle. Yes, everyone admits this point. We observed huge change in the lifestyle since 2019. Almost all the fields including education, business, entertainment and more have been affected by the lockdowns. We are working from remote locations, homes and other places. There is no need to attend the schools, offices and other traditional places. Most of the things are digitalizing in order to continue the system.

Food Delivery Online:

Food restaurants and beverage services such as bars and pubs are also facing severe consequences. In the wake of this fact, the restaurants and beverage industry is looking forward to improve the home delivery service. This is the only way to survive in this bad situation. has observed huge demand of Deliveroo voucher code after the lockdowns. Local health and law enforcement agencies stop people from dining at restaurants and bars. Instead, they promote “Take Away” in order to avoid contact with others. The Deliveroo is proud to offer instant food delivery services in almost all the states of UAE.

Reduced Physical Activity:

According to a study published in Food Science and Nutrition, considerable loss of physical activity has been observed since the first day of lockdowns. It is due to the fact that people are at home and they have no access to gym facilities and other sports activities. This trend increased the laziness which ultimately resulted in loss of physical activity. No doubt, some people successfully maintained the workout and exercise routine but they are very few.

Increased Sleep:

According to some reports, people slept for more than 12 hours a day. This is incredible because the same were sleeping for less than 7 hours before the lockdowns. It seems good to have plenty of sleep but a continuous habit of sleeping more than 8 hours is bad for health. This resulted in exponential mass increase and obesity in some cases.

Lack of Appetite:

This is going to happen when you face the above mentioned conditions in life. Plenty of sleep with lack of physical activity usually results in loss of appetite. Women were more affected than men when we talk about the appetite. On the other hand, more women used Deliveroo voucher code to order foods and drinks for family rather than cooking at home. This is also a part of less physical activity.