Since 2002, BBQs 2u has been in the business of barbecues and now this company is the leading independent retailer in the UK for Kamado Joe Bundle, Napoleon barbecue, and Ooni Pizza Oven. BBQs 2u is very passionate about all kind of barbecues and also have lots of knowledge about grilling that reflects in their service. 

BBQs 2u also sells all kinds of accessories related to all kinds of ovens that they deal with. Whether their customers prefer a barbecue prepared on charcoal or gas, they can offer every option. 

Their customers will be fully assured of the best customer service once they visit their shop as this is the business they are involved in for the last 3 generations as their family business.  As an authorised dealer of different ovens, they intend to provide their barbecues of the highest quality along with accessories at very competitive prices.

There are various choices available for Kamado Joe BBQ and some of them are as follows:

  • Kamado Joe classic model

The Kamado Joe Classic Bundle set very high craftsmanship and innovation standard, which will be the perfect size for any typical backyard grilling.

  • Kamado Joe classic II model

Another model Kamado Joe Classic II is the latest model of grill that maintains a high standard of innovation and craftsmanship and having many new features that make the most advanced type of kamado grill that you can find.

  • Kamado Joe classic III model

This model includes the latest innovation having the SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber.

  • Kamado Big Joe II

This Kamado Joe Big Joe Bundle model is an instant hit on the market. It is the most versatile model of kamado that can accommodate 3 full racks of ribs easily. It is designed with thick-walled and heat-resistant ceramic, which can keep the meat moist due to sealing in the smoke.

  • Kamado Big Joe III model

This model also shares the same uncompromising design, functionality, and innovation as the Classic II model and can deliver even more cooking surfaces.

  • Kamado Joe Junior model

Whether cooking or tailgating out by the lake, this high-quality portable model will make premium grilling possible almost anywhere.

  • Kamado Joe Kettle Joe model

BBQs 2u is selling this latest and the hottest exciting product. This new Kamado Joe Kettle Joe model is a kettle grill but having all the advantages of a Kamado, e.g. improved heat retention, awesome smoking ability, and improved fuel efficiency.


All the models are so crafted that they can perform better and also last longer. That is the reason why the simple and the rigid quality standards of Kamado Joe right from design to production are making them popular. Their only goal is that each of the products bearing their brand name should win the trust of people and offer an exceptional grilling experience.


The main focus of Kamado was to solve the problems of the people while grilling and they never settle for second best. Their commitment is visible from the various features of their flagship grills that they used to make even a long time back. 

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