Many people are surprised to know that the pizza culture in Canada is as happening as in other parts of North America. In fact, the province of Quebec has its own varieties, and the Hawaiian pizza has its origins here in Canada. If you are in Montreal, do give a shot to Double Pizza delivery, which is among the best local chains. For your help, we have a list of Canadian pizzas that are worth every penny spent.  

Hawaiian pizza

Like we mentioned, Hawaiian pizza is from Canada. The original pizza was created by Panopoulos in 1960s, and since then, the popularity of this pizza has increased manifold. The toppings are rather basic – pineapple and ham with loads of cheese. Hawaiian pizza may not seem like a standard option, but we promise you wouldn’t regret this. 

Garlic fingers

This is among the most popular side dishes at pizzerias in Atlantic Canada. It looks like a pizza but is usually served on the side. The dish is made like a pizza, with a dough that’s common for most recipes, with classic ingredients like cheese, garlic, and butter. Some restaurants serve this with extra toppings, and the pizza is cut into strips or fingers, rather than slices, and hence the name. 

Pictou County pizza

Pictou County pizza originated in Nova Scotia. The dough for the base is rather chewy, but Pictou County pizza is best known for its spicy brown sauce, which is made with veggies among other things. Served with toppings like pepperoni, this one is a local favorite and is best enjoyed with some chilled beer. 

Canadian pizza

Don’t get confused by the name. When someone says Canadian pizza, they are referring to a standard pizza with three main toppings – mushrooms, bacon and pepperoni. Of course, there is also a lot of mozzarella cheese too. 

Trying American pizzas in Canada

If you are in Montreal or the province of Quebec, you will find restaurants and pizzerias serving a wide range of pizzas that are inspired from the New York-style. American pizzas are all about cheese, but in Canada, local pizza places often transform the taste by opting for fresh and local cheese. You can try Quebec pizzerias for some local variants. The good thing is you have offers during weekdays, so a pizza party for the family doesn’t have to be expensive. 

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