Are you planning to buy the best home espresso maker and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee to kickstart every morning? Making espresso at home can be a nightmare. There are so many things to know! But it all begins with buying the right espresso machine. 

When you browse the Internet, you will come across many depressing experiences about making espresso at home. For instance, the executive editor at Eater – Matt Buchanan, who also has written about coffee, says, “No one should make espresso at home, leave it to the shops; it’s a multi-thousand-dollar rabbit hole you might never find your way out of.” 

So, do we always need to spend dollars at Barista or Starbuck to relish that perfect cup of espresso coffee?  No. 

Here’s how to make your espresso-making experience most rewarding by having the right home espresso maker.

#1: Begin with Buying the Right Coffee Grinder 

The quality of that perfect espresso shot depends on three crucial factors – a good espresso maker, the quality of coffee used, and the types of coffee grinder you use. You need a consistent and fine coffee grind to brew the espresso correctly. And therefore, it is important to have a professionally engineered grinder that keeps up with the espresso machine. 

You can also consider buying the best espresso machine with grinder that will give you freshly brewed coffee whenever you want. Having a two-in-one coffee maker also saves you more time and money in buying an espresso grinder. Check reviews online and buy the right one. 

#2: You Do Not Need a Huge, Fancy Coffee Machine to Make Espresso 

Love espresso but shy away from buying one thinking it would be a huge investment? Here’s some good news for you. You do not need to be an Italian or have tons of money to buy an espresso machine

There are several inexpensive espresso makers available in the market, which allows just anyone to brew the perfect espresso coffee you want. Look out for the best budget espresso machine that can produce rich and delicious coffee with ease, and will not break your bank even.  

So, buying an expensive fancy machine does not matter. Having the “right” one is important. 

#3: Espresso Quality

To have the finest espresso flavor, quality, and aroma, it is crucial to consider several factors like machine temperature, pressure, coffee grind size, extraction time, etc. Unless these are set at optimum levels, you can never master the art of brewing espresso coffee. How long does the machine take to get heated when turned on? Does it create the right pump pressure to deliver rich flavor? Typically, consider buying an espresso maker that has nine bars or more with regard to pump pressure. 

While automatic coffee machines come with pre-built functions, you may consider buying a manual or semi-automatic espresso maker that allows you to control functions depending on the cup of coffee you want. 

#4: Ease of Installation and Maintenance 

When buying a home espresso maker, you would want expediency. How quick it is to set up? Does it require installing a separate water filter? Consider whether you want to have a machine with a detachable brew group or one that cleans automatically. 


There are many things to consider when buying an espresso coffee maker for your home. Do your research, shop around, and check out unbiased reviews online at CoffeeAtoZ.