Perhaps, the most exciting part of going on a date is seeing your date’s outfit. It is the most cliche scene in romantic movies. The man fetches his date at her house, and the woman finally opens the door, revealing her glammed up look and outfit. Your outfit must match the date destination. If you are going to a beach bar in Singapore, it is only reasonable to wear a beach outfit.

Here are the beach-appropriate outfits you can wear on a sea view restaurant date in Singapore:

  1. Maxi dress

A maxi dress is a long informal dress that reaches the ankles. It has a fit or tight top and a loose and billowy bottom.

Maxi dresses are staple clothing for women during summer, especially on the beach.

Its thin fabric, flowy structure, and colourful prints and patterns make them a perfect beach outfit. Ladies will not be out of place wearing them in a seaside restaurant in Singapore.

  1. Board shorts and a loose shirt

Men would never attempt to wear board shorts and a loose shirt on a formal date. This outfit is informal. However, it is okay to wear them on the beach!

Some men leave their floral shirts open whilst strolling by the beach with their significant others. They can also wear them in a Sentosa beach restaurant in Singapore.

  1. Rompers

A shortened romper suit is a pair of shorts and a shirt combined into one piece. What makes rompers beach appropriate is that it flaunts long legs and arms. Its breathable fabric and structure also provide perfect ventilation in the midst of beach heat.

You can wear them at a  beach bar in Singapore too!

  1. Button-down shirt and trousers

If your man prefers formal clothing on a seaside restaurant date in Singapore, dress them up with a button-down shirt and trousers.

However, choose a shirt and trousers with lighter colours, such as pastel pink, yellow, and baby blue. Shirts with floral prints are okay, too.

Glam up on your beach bar date in Singapore with these outfits!

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