We get one life, and; we live only once! So, why not enjoy it to the fullest by eating mouth-watering food from Delhi, the capital city. Various pan-Asian restaurants in Delhi give you the best and most authentic tasting delicacies. If you are visiting Delhi, never miss tasting these lip-smacking foods on the city’s streets.

Chur Chur Naan:

The authentic Chur Chur Naan will taste better with curries, from paneer to dal makhani and from the Chola to Aloo Pyaaz. This crispy and flaky bread is tossed with lots of butter, giving you a delicious savory flavor.

Chole Bhature:

Chole Bhature, the name is enough to snatch a plate of this delicious dish. One of the favorite meals of Delhites. The crispy, golden textured, puffy Bhature, tangy chilies, and spicy balance of Chole’s become a most famous and first choice meal while dining out.

Halwa Paratha:

Bored of eating those regular gobi and aloo parathas? Then, try the finger-licking dish of the streets of Nizamuddin. One cannot resist eating a delicious and colorful halwa paratha topped with some candy tutti-frutti when in Delhi.

Bhalla Papdi:

Bhalla papdi, also called Dahi Bhallas, is a super gobble-up chaat you could ever wish for. You will get the yummiest Bhalla papdi on the streets of Delhi. Bhallas are super soft, loaded with lots of dahi, spices, pomegranate seeds, and sweet chutney. It has one of the sweet and tangy flavors you will get in the chaat corner.

Golmaal Dosa:

Though dosa is a south Indian item, you could get the finest taste of Golmaal dosa in Delhi. Starting your day with this authentic breakfast can make you feel lighter and energetic the whole day around. The dish is so freaking amazing, coming in different flavors. Sometimes sour, sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy while, sometimes more cheesy.


For all the foodies out there, have you ever tried Sushi specifically originating from Japan? You would get the best Japanese and Pan Asian food in My Square Food Court at Select CITYWALK mall in Delhi. The dish consists of shellfish or any raw fish stuffed with vinegared rice.

Gravy Momos:

Momos are easy-to-bite dumplings that are sometimes steamed or fried. It includes different stuffings like mixed veggies, chicken, spinach, pasta, and much more. It is an excellent wrap that can be swallowed anytime during the day. Originating from Tibet, it is one of the most popular foods in North India.


Delhi is the city of Nawabs, and the best they can offer is tasty biryani. You will get all kinds of biryani, including prawns, chicken, mutton, vegetable, and egg. However, the most relishing and must-taste specialty of Delhi is the jackfruit biryani. The style of preparing them is unique. The hot, spicy, and chunky biryani is well served in typical south Indian-type banana leaves in most Delhi places.

If you’re wondering what to gulp up while touring the capital city, then race up and taste a variety of cuisines from Pan- Asian restaurants in Delhi that offer you the best meal. From traditional dishes to hidden gems, Delhi has everything to offer to its tourists and city residents.