Halal is a word that we regularly encounter in Muslim vernacular. But what is it? To eat something halal means to eat something that is ‘permissible’, or foods that Muslims are allowed to eat. Many people also have restrictions on their diets, including Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, and other religious groups. Animals that are regularly eaten by other religious groups, such as cows or pigs, may be avoided, and other exotic species are often off-limits in many religions. Islam has many rules regarding the consumption of foods. So when you are looking for a halal finger food delivery in Singapore, you better be careful.

If you are Muslim and if you eat something haram, also known as ‘forbidden’ or  ‘prohibited’ food, then you have sinned against your religion. You must do your best to avoid eating such foods in the future. On the other hand, if you are an inclusive host, do not feel offended if a Muslim asks you if your food is halal. They might need to decline to eat your food if it is not halal. As a host, your duty is to get halal party food delivery in Singapore so it can cater to your Muslim companions.

But what are some things you can do to ensure your food is halal? Here are some tips for every party host.

    1. Check halal certification

The first and most obvious step to figuring out if your food is halal is if you check the ingredients. You can check the packaging to know if your food is halal. Everything from potato chips to sauces may have the halal certification. Be careful, as the certification seal does not always look the same from package to package. Always double-check the package to make sure.

  1. Download a scanning app for halal foods

Don’t have enough time to check each individual ingredient for halal food catering in Singapore? Then a handy scanning app might do the trick. You can download an app with a scan feature to save time wasted testing the certifications of each ingredient.

  1. Ask a Muslim friend for advice

Finally, the best alternative for preparing meals for Muslims is to ask a Muslim friend for advice. They may be able to point you to ingredients or catering services that offer Halal options. There is no need to be too careful anymore about ingredients with a trusted source by your side.

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