Juice cleanses often include ingesting just fruit juices for a period. However, professionals associate a higher risk of severe health issues and eating disorders with liquid diets. Nevertheless, many juice cleanse businesses have emerged in Singapore over the past years. Here are three widely known misconceptions about doing a juice cleanse.

#1 Losing Weight

People drink detox juice for their weight loss journey without considering other effects. However, juice-based diets can be physiologically detrimental to individuals. According to a study, while juice cleanses may temporarily reduce weight, they can increase weight if a person resumes a complete, healthy diet.

#2 Changes in Gut Bacteria

Buying detox juice from shops in Singapore to do a quick cleanse might affect the bacteria counts in the digestive tract. It can raise the number of Bacteroidetes, bacteria linked to weight reduction while decreasing the amount of Firmicutes. The human body is capable of naturally eliminating these chemicals. However, there is not enough data to support using detoxification diets to help the body eliminate toxins.

#3 Detoxifying

You can aid kidney function through increased fluid consumption by consuming a juice diet from reputable stores in Singapore. Moreover, some dietary substances may help in clearing non-organic body waste. Nevertheless, there is inadequate data to show that juice cleanses or other detoxification diets affect the body’s ability to eliminate toxins. The best method to assist the body’s natural detoxification capabilities is eating a balanced diet and drinking enough fluids.

Prolonged juice cleanse diets can be detrimental to your health. However, the proper use of detox juice diets for weight loss and gut concerns can help you achieve these three misconstrued benefits.

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