Comfort food can come in many guises. Everyone has a favorite dish that they always turn to when they are mood to cook. The truth is that when you’re feeling down, nothing beats a big bowl of mac and cheese with plenty of cheese. A comfort food staple, the best mac & chees has mystical properties that make us feel better when we consume it. 

It doesn’t matter if you grew up eating store-bought mac ‘n’ cheese or your mom made a four-cheese version for a special occasion; these comforting dishes have one thing in common: your parents. During times of rejection or isolation, if we positively associate with the person who made the food, we are more likely to gravitate toward that food. Classical conditioning is a good analogy for this.

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Every child knows that it can be found in any restaurant. When you’ve had a bad day, this soup is a welcome respite, and the addition of buttery breadcrumbs as a topping only makes it better. Mac & chees is served as a side dish in some areas of the United States. While no two macaroni and cheeses are precisely alike, the methods used to make them are the same. Making one isn’t difficult; it just takes some practice. 


You can also layer the cheese and pasta. In the first recipe, you’ll see this method in action. Others most often use a simple thickened milk sauce to melt the cheese. However, using the second method will result in a more silky and creamy sauce.


There are five sauces in cooking the best mac & chees referred to as “Mother.” There are countless variations on these five basic types, each with a different primary use. Bechamel, Hollandaise, Espagnole, Veloute, 

And Mayonnaise is one of the five sauces. 

Other condiments, such as Tomato (pasta) sauce, may also be included.

Bechamel sauce, or White Sauce, is the foundation of most Macaroni and Cheese. Bechamel has gotten a bad rap despite its widespread use in the 1950s. To begin, prepare a roux by mixing equal parts of flour and butter until smooth. Stirring constantly, you add hot milk to the mixture after being cooked until smooth and bubbly over medium heat. Add pepper and salt and cook until thickened for white sauce. The cheese sauce for the mac & chees is ready when you add grated cheese to the mix.