When you see a stall serving beautifully cooked chicken with stew and rice everywhere, you have landed in the world of chicken rice. Yes, that’s right! You are in Singapore! It is known for its famous chicken rice dishes.

The chicken rice dishes are unofficially considered to be their national dishes. Thousands of people living in Singapore consume this staple food item almost daily. For detailed knowledge about the best chicken rice stores, visit https://chicken-rice.store/ for more details.

Why Is Chicken Rice A Famous Dish In Singapore?

The dish’s simplicity and simple cooking technique make it famous and a favourite. It is a simple yet tasty dish made by poaching the chicken on white rice and is served with soy sauce and chilly garlic dip. This easy-to-make technique was inspired by the Hainanese and Cantonese cultures and got famous in Singapore.

Top Three Must-Try Chicken Rice Stores In Singapore

With the increasing popularity of the chicken rice dish in Singapore, numerous stores and restaurants have emerged. They serve fantastic chicken rice dishes at affordable rates. You will undoubtedly be amazed by the taste and quality of it.

· Tiong Bahru Hainanese Chicken Rice

Starting in 1988, Mr Cheong has been the proud owner. He learned the skill of cooking chicken rice from an acquaintance that worked at a Mandarin hotel. After numerous experiments, Mr Cheong’s Chicken rice is a beautiful blend of soaked and blanched chicken rice in cold water made of ice. He even adds onions to the rice. This gives an additional flavour to the iconic dish.

· Brother Cheng’s Chicken Rice

It is a recently established Hainanese-style Chicken Rice store in central Singapore. Founded by Mr Cheng Hsin Yao, who owns the multi-conceptual food and beverage picnic food park named Wisma Atria. Offers an excellent chicken rice plate for a little extra money than usual. But it is definitely worth it. Their late grandfather passed the recipe. It was modified with time to meet the taste of the guests.

· Pow Sing Restaurant

 They are more than just a chicken rice store. The authentic Hainanese serve local dishes like curry with fish head and Zi char style dishes. The chicken rice is tender and made in light soya sauce with sweet and tangy chilli sauce.


Whenever you are in Singapore, the first dish to try will be their famous Chicken Rice, where the base is almost the same for all the stores. Yet, the minimal modifications are worth the try.