Craft spirit producers have been raising their game, with lots of exciting new launches lately striking the market every year. Thus, it’s natural that premium drink mixers makers would have to follow suit, this means vodkas, gins, rums, and whiskies can now share their glasses with any number of significant new soft drinks. Indian tonic water is the most widely used mixer which is a carbonated beverage with a bitter hit given by quinine, a substance taken out from cinchona bark. With a dab of sweetness and a touch of lemon, for years, it has been the go-to mixer for vodka and gin fans. Yet, nowadays, you can get a broad array of tonics to meet your preferences.

Thus, whether you’re longing for a G&T or wanting a new way to enjoy a coke and rum, choose your favorite booze, check the list of best drink mixers below and mix yourself a treat.

Check out the best premium drink mixers

Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water

  • Fever Tree’s scope of mixers has become the must-pour fizz at numerous trendy bars recently. It aid to intensify new delight in the mixing business. Premium tonic is more fit to drink on its own than the others, noting some less sweetness than most and notable fruity flavors. It worked well with the punchier London dry gins, lightening them up with a crisp citrus freshness.

Schweppes Indian Tonic Water

  • It has been mass-produced and has been existing for years, and costs lesser than its fancy new competitor. Yet, for those of you pondering whether its superiority is under threat, Schweppes tonic water is a quality classic. It has a great perky fizz with a primary lemonade sweetness. That submits soon to an adequate amount of quinine flavor and was the best all-rounder.

Llanllyr Source Tonic Water

  • A range of mixers, all produced using drawn spring water locally, have a natural softness to them that is effective in their slightly bittered tonic water. With less quinine, it’s a tender drink and is appropriate for improving the subtle floral and botanical flavors of modern craft gins.

 Franklin & Sons Natural Light

  • This is ideal for that health-conscious drinker, lessening sugar tonics that have been existing for a while. It is a light version that excels from the crowd. It has a splash of lemon freshness and is highly carbonated, a clean-tasting mixer, and was known for its ability and teasing out the flavors of great quality vodka.

Lamb & Watt Hibiscus Tonic

  • With a beginning sweetness offered by blue agave and a floral split burst of tart orange, it’s not instantly noticeable that this is tonic water until the bitter taste of quinine begins to awaken the palette.